About Us

Our Story

Mohammed Sharif Malik who emigrated from Pakistan in 1962; established Malik Stores in 1980 by purchasing a burnt down bookies and spending 2 years refurbishing it with the help of friends. Mohammed Sharif Malik with his wife Anayat Begum Malik and son who just finished school opened the doors to their first business then called Malik Foodstore. Over the years as Mohammed's other children finished school, they started to get more involved with the business, hence the business gradually started expanding.


Our first big step was the purchase of the shop next door in 1990, once we expanded the shop we decided to do something a bit different and organised an open day event; this turned out to be a great success as we had manufacturers came down to sample their products to customers as well as free merchandise giveaways.

In 1994 we expanded our hair and beauty range from a 1 shelf display to a complete shop set up four doors downs from our main shop which had a positive impact on our business. our next major step in 2005 was completely in the unknown and decided we needed an online presence. we set up an online store although we had very little knowledge of the internet or how to use services such as e-mail.

In 2014 we decided to carry out the largest expansion ever and bring everything under one roof, whilst adding an in-store butchers and starting many new lines, notably in household and kitchenware products. As we were running the business, the expansion happened over the course of 2 years and now we operate out of a 6 shop front store with a warehouse offering access for disabled scooters, shopping trolleys and a much more relaxed shopping experience for our customers.


Our Ambitions

We look to the future and see that there is a big market in world of e-commerce; to this end we have developed this new website to complement our store and to be able to offer a better shopping experience with good value and great products with customer satisfaction as our main aim.

Our Values
Malik's also known as Malik Foodstore, in the 39 years we have been trading we appreciate that we would not still be here if it wasn't for our customer support. our values reflect our feeling about our customers and what our family business represents:
  • Good and friendly customer service
  • Quality products at value prices
  • Sourcing difficult to find products
  • Giving customers opportunity to make traditional food using fresh ingredients from their country
  • Wanting the name Malik's to be a name that can be trusted by all shoppers and recommended to family and friends.